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As a leader of people and teams, status quo will no longer sustain your business or the people that run the business. An aging workforce, consumer demands and technology are disrupting the marketplace.  How will you remain relevant to serve the greater needs of your marketplace? It's time to challenge your thinking. Build courageous action plans. Be relevant. Be profitable.

As your guide in this journey, the awareness and transparency will lead you to transformation.

Our Services

We offer leadership coaching, consulting and digital marketing strategies and plans for leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals and teams.  We begin with an assessment to understand current perspectives, then move to challenge assumptions with Pragmatic Inquiry©. The results are powerful insights that are creative and innovative, leading to courageous action plans that are relevant, profitable, and serve the greater needs of your customers in the marketplace.


Assessments create awareness


Consulting accelerates Growth

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing activates Go-To market plans

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Our Process

We begin with a series of questions, building in inquiry that challenges our assumptions.  As we explore assumptions, we identify patterns in data that could have been overlooked.  Using imagination, pictures emerge that represent creative plans. Taking the process into a decision, where commitment is challenged and overcome with the courage to act.

1. Begin Attentively

Ask tough questions, even when you don’t know the answer.

2. Explore Openly

Be open, observant, and attentive, especially to data you might not like or usually overlook.

3. Interpret Imaginatively

Focus on the imaginative and intuitive.

4. Decide Responsibly

You must commit to best course of action or answer to your question.

5. Act Courageously

Courage engages your values and ignites your vision with an intentional plan of action.

6. Begin Again

Your questions are new again, ask tough questions and begin the process again.

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