Speaking Schedule

Speaking Schedule

Upcoming Events:

1/13/19 - iEmpower Personal and Professional Branding Workshop  | Topic: Know Your Purpose

2/16/19 - Digital Creative InstitutePersonal Branding Workshop, San Antonio, TX | Know Your Why, Your Purpose

March 2019 - Women of Destiny International - Webinar | Topic: Leaning-in:  Embracing Your Purpose to Become More Effective

5/18/19 - Pearls of Promise Ministries |  Topic: Your Inner Critic that Keeps You From Your Purpose & Your Future-Self that transforms your life. Oak Hills Alamo Fellowship, San Antonio, TX

Past Events:

12/8/18 - Personal Branding Workshop, Austin, TX | Know Your Why, Your Purpose

11/29/18 - Women in Digital San Antonio, TX | Topic: Goal Setting with Your "WHY", Know Your Purpose

11/9/18 - Texas Women's Conference, Austin, TX | Topic: Values Based Coaching

11/15/18 - CEO Roundtable, Ethics & Compliance Organization, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX | Topic: Values Based Performance Leadership, Aligning Millennial and Corporate Values for Retention

9/20/18 - Women of Destiny International, Tampa, FL | Topic: Personal and Professional Branding, Know Your Personal and Professional Purpose

9/21/18 - Association of Talent Development, San Antonio, TX | Topic: Onboarding Multi-Generation of Leaders with Values Based Performance Coaching - Inside Out

9/29/18 - 2018 Level Up Conference, Southlake, TX | Topic: Inner Critics that Keep Us From Our Purpose

8/11/18 - Digital Creative Institute Cohort 5 Graduation, San Antonio, TX | Topic: Expand Your Gifts and Pursue Your Purpose in Life

8/7/18 - Pearls of Purpose Workshop, Irving, TX | Topic: Personal and Professional Branding, Know Your Purpose

3/8/18 - International Women's Day - Texas Connect Conference, San Antonio, TX | Topic:  Mentoring Women and Millennials

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