Frameworks and tools used to offer our consulting services:

  • Pragmatic Inquiry©
  • Strategy and Research
  • Business Development
  • Go-To Market Strategy
  • Requisite Organization© improving organizational alignment to strategy.
  • Systems Thinking, recognizing feedback loops in an organization’s ecosystem.
  • Facilitative Leadership for Social Change© building pathways to action.
  • Lominger© understanding core competencies in leaders and teams.
  • Analytics using R and SaaS analyzing highly complex systems in organizations.

The depth of our consulting applies a Pragmatic Inquiry© approach.  Pragmatism develops innovative strategies that respond creatively to business challenges and opportunities.

The Pragmatic Approach:

  • Begin Attentively: This phase challenges you to be attentive, humble and bold. Ask tough questions, even when you don’t know the answer.  Be willing to learn.
  • Explore Openly: Be open, observant, and attentive, especially to data you might not like or usually overlook.
  • Interpret Imaginatively: Focus on the imaginative and intuitive. You are challenged to connect the dots from the explore phase by engaging your eyes, ears, and heart.
  • Decide Responsibly: Be responsible, reflective thoughtful and logical are qualities that exemplify the challenge of this phase. You must commit to being the best course of action or answer to your question.
  • Act Courageously: This phase requires courage to engage your values and ignite your vision with an intentional plan of action.
  • Begin attentively – Again: with every step you will encounter new evidence, changing contexts, and different challenges.  Thus, the inquiry process can and should begin again.

Our value proposition is to meet our client’s business needs to intentionally and creatively lead and grow.

Consulting with A GO Strategy